How to explain the birth of the wind?

How to explain the birth of the wind?

How to explain the birth of the wind?

The air coming from the equator cools and descends to the ground creating significant pressure: this is the high pressure zone or more commonly called the anticyclone. These pressure differences on Earth caused by temperature differences create air movements: these are the winds.

Why does the wind form at the coast?

At the coast, the wind is formed thanks to the unequal heating of the sea and the dry land. When the sun is shining, during the day, the dry land and the air above warm up more strongly than the sea and the air above it.

What are the causes of the wind?

Origin of the wind. The main causes of the large atmospheric circulation flows are: the temperature difference between the equator and the poles, which causes a pressure difference, and the rotation of the Earth which deflects the flow of air which is established between these regions .

What are the factors that affect the wind?

The wind therefore depends on several factors. It is the result of the forces exerted on the air parcel: pressure, Coriolis force, friction and centrifugal force. The complete calculation is done with the equations of the horizontal motion of the atmospheric primitive equations.

What is the earliest use of wind by man?

The first use of wind by man was simply for aeration and drying. Indeed, a place where the air stagnates will quickly take on an odor but also allow the development of various diseases and the development of mold (if there is a minimum of humidity).