How to glue bitumen?

How to glue bitumen?

How to glue bitumen?

the roll of bitumen will be cut with a cutter. An adhesion primer will be applied by roller or brush. The glue is spread with a wide squeegee.There are several ways to lay the roll of bitumen :

  1. cold bonding;
  2. nailing;
  3. hot bonding by heating with a torch.

How to glue tar paper?

You can then use one of these two methods:

  1. Fixing to the glue : Cut the roll of bitumen with a cutter. Apply an adhesion primer (roller or brush). Spread it glue with a wide squeegee.
  2. Fixing with a torch: Cut the roll of bitumen with a cutter. Allow 10cm overlap.

Is the tar waterproof?

Composed of hydrocarbon, the bitumen is obtained after the distillation of petroleum. With a pasty and viscous consistency, it is elastic and raincoat while having a strong adhesive power, whatever the material on which it will be fixed.

How to waterproof a roof terrace with bitumen?


  1. Prepare the surface. Check the slope, which should be 2 to 5°. …
  2. Cover with the screed bitumen. Unroll and secure the strips using cold glue or a blowtorch, respecting a 10 cm overlap (strips). …
  3. Install the chosen coating. The slabs on pedestals are simple to use. …
  4. To isolate.

What is the best waterproofing for a roof terrace?

75% of the marketsealing of the rooftops flat areas remain dominated by bituminous membranes. Particularly suitable on concrete supports or when it is necessary to carry out readings on the periphery or on a skylight for example, thesealing bituminous remains the better mastered.

How to seal a roof terrace?

Here are two possibilities for perfectly sealing a roof flat: the bitumen screed or the EPDM membrane. Particularly resistant to UV, the bitumen screed is supplied in rolls which are glued cold or hot.

What is Roofing Bitumen?

Petroleum-based, roofing bitumen is acclaimed for its many qualities. Quick to install and perfectly waterproof, this type of covering is ideal for a flat or low-pitched roof. What is roofing bitumen? Roofing bitumen refers to a coating that is not widely used, but is nevertheless particularly effective.

What are the different types of bitumen for roofing?

Roofing bitumen comes in different forms for specific needs. For new roofs or for the repair of a roof on a consolidated frame, bituminous shingles are indicated.

How to extend the covering of your roof?

It may be that small interventions are enough to prolong the coating of your roof for a few years. A do-it-yourselfer, even an experienced one, cannot install this type of roof covering himself. The traditional laying technique for elastomeric membranes requires the use of a torch and special knowledge.

What is the price of a roofing?

The exact price of a roofing roof depends on several factors: the surface area of ​​the roof, the type of roofing and roofing, the condition of the roof and the degree of difficulty of the work. The combination of the roofing and a layer of thermal insulation obviously increases the price. As a general rule, count between 45 and 55 €/m², VAT and installation included.