How to immerse yourself in diving?

How to immerse yourself in diving?

How to immerse yourself in diving?

Position yourself 2-3 meters from the immersion point, being positioned horizontally in the water. The buoyancy compensator can be inflated a little to provide comfort. Of course, keep your regulator in your mouth all the time! We adopt a wide and calm breathing.

How to start diving?

A few essential safety rules to get you started

  1. Always make dive in an approved organization and with an instructor;
  2. Always dive at least in pairs;
  3. Do not fly within 24 hours of your last dive ;
  4. Do not hold apnea after a dive ;

What is scuba diving?

Scuba diving is an activity consisting of staying under sea water either by apnea in the case of free diving, or by breathing using a hookah (pipe bringing air from the surface) or most often by equipping yourself with a scuba tank in the case of scuba diving.

What are the risks involved in scuba diving?

The risks incurred in scuba diving are of five types: depth (pressure on the human body), environment (marine environment), equipment, physical condition and training (the behavior of divers). The most important risk is that concerning the depth, which includes the following dangers:

Is the scuba regulator dangerous?

Consequently, if a diver is sick underwater, but no longer has his regulator in his mouth, he risks a panic accident or even drowning. A scuba regulator is designed to inhale and exhale all bodily fluids, just as if you were on the surface. Is overweight diving dangerous?

Why do scuba diving students need a mask?

It is taught for a good reason. Note: The most difficult exercise for divers is removing the mask underwater and putting it back on. Indeed, it is the exercise considered the most anxiety-provoking by scuba diving students.