How to indicate your level of English on an English CV?

How to indicate your level of English on an English CV?

How to indicate your level of English on an English CV?

The “Language” section (“Languages”) Indicate your level of practice: “native language” (mother tongue), “fluent french” (English fluent). Beware of the use of the term “bilingual” (“bilingual french/french”), which can only be true if you have spent many years abroad.

What format sent his CV?

L’mail ofa CV to format PDF is the most secure for the candidate. On the one hand, lighter because compressed, your resume ifsend easily by email. On the other hand, at format PDF, the elements of resume are frozen. No risk that your interlocutor will not receive a CV modified, or with a disordered layout.

How to properly translate your CV into English?

Hire a professional translator for the translation of his CV in English. Given the complexity and issues related to the translation of one Resume in english or a cover letter, the safest way to transform his resume French in English is to hire a professional translator.

How to qualify my level of English?

Avoid the vague terms “read, write, speak” or “good level” do not mean much to the reader of your CV. Try to specify your mastery of the language as closely as possible. “English professional”, “bilingual” or “English common” will speak more to the recruiter. As for the expression “level school”, forget it.

How to translate a PDF CV into English?

Google Translate, free for files PDF

  • Access the tool Translate a document.
  • Choose the source language and the target language. …
  • Click on “Choose Document”, then on the blue button “ Translate “.
  • Let Google do its thing.
  • A window will appear, with the translation of the file PDF.

What are the English levels for a CV?

A1, B2, C1… Finally, the European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFRL) can also be a good tool to assess their language skills. Its 6 levels mark out the learning of a foreign language with a simple notation between A1 and C2.

How to make a good CV in English?

Finally, if you want to work in an English-speaking country such as England, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc., the question does not even arise. This sample CV Word contains the appropriate vocabulary to make a good CV in English and impress recruiters with your level of language.

How to choose the headings of a CV in English?

The optimal order of headings in an English CV depends on your experience and the CV template used. A simple rule: if you are a beginner, highlight your studies ( Education ). If you have years of experience relevant to the job you’re applying for, put education on the backburner.

What is the difference between an English CV and a French CV?

The header of an English CV is almost like that of a French CV. The main difference is that the CV title is included with the contact information, and not separately, as is usually the case in France. The information is the same, but you still have to pay close attention to the details.

How to make an English CV?

In an English CV, it is the results that count. Illustrate your experience with figures, and show what your impact has been in the company. Answer the question: what was the result of your actions?