How to inflate a paddle board?

How to inflate a paddle board?

How to inflate a paddle board?

How Well swell his stand-up paddle?

  1. Correctly position the non-return valve on the plank checking that the valve pin is properly raised.
  2. Insert the pipe into the valve and make a ¼ turn to block it.
  3. start to swell while remaining in line with the pump.
  4. Pay attention to his posture.

Where to inflate your paddle?

Your pump may be equipped with a double action function. If so, enable it. This allows to swell faster your paddle. Indeed, this option allows you to swell your paddle when you shoot.

What is the best brand of paddle?

1. Fanatic: The best paddle brand of the world. VS’is since 1981, that Fanatic has been developing, designing and innovating new boards. In addition to the traditional SUP board, the brand company also designs top quality surf and windsurf boards.

How do you know if your paddle is properly inflated?

Your SUP is ideally swollen when it does not deform under your weight. The recommended pressure should be indicated next to the inflation valve. Otherwise, a pressure of 15 PSI (i.e. 1 bar) is recommended on most boards.

How to get back on an inflatable paddle?

For go back up on your SUP board, you must first put your paddle on it in order to have both hands free. Then all you have to do is pull yourself up on the board using your arms. Don’t try to go back up at the front or at the back of the board, position yourself well on the side in the middle.

How to store your inflatable paddle?

3) The storage Ideally, a Stand Up board Inflatable SUP must be stored dry in a ventilated place. the storage can be done bent board not too tight but, if you have the space, the best is to leave it inflated to 8-10psi and to store it without physical constraint.

What are the best inflatable paddleboard brands?

  • Bluefin SUP. CRUISE.
  • Bluefin SUP. Paddle Board Sup.
  • BATURU. inflatable paddle.
  • ECD Germany. Inflatable SUP.
  • Bestway. OCEANA 65303.
  • redder. inflatable paddle.
  • AWESAFE. Inflatable SUP.
  • SIMPLE PADDLE. Inflatable SUP.

How to choose a good paddle?

Step 3: How to choose the size of my paddle inflatable?

  1. Thicker SUPs support more weight than thinner SUPs, but the board will be less maneuverable and take longer to inflate,
  2. Thinner boards are more stable than thicker boards when supporting the right amount of weight,

How to position yourself on a paddle?

The position ideal is to place the feet on either side of the carrying handle. Position them perpendicular to the axis of your board: unlike surfing, where your feet are placed parallel to this axis.

How to put your feet on a paddle?

The position of the feet on a stand-up paddle is essential. You have to position in the middle of the sup feet between the carrying handle. You must be facing the board, not in a position ‘surf’. The feet must be discarded so as to have maximum balance.

How to inflate a SUP with a car compressor?

Turn on your inflator and pre-program the desired pressure if your model allows it. Inflate until you get the number of PSI indicated on your paddle, often 15 PSI. Unplug and put it all away. If necessary, finish swell your paddle with a manual pump to achieve the perfect pressure.

How to Deflate a Fanatic SUP?

How to deflate his board after use?

  1. rinse and dry the board.
  2. open the valve and press the pin.
  3. roll up the mattress keeping the valve and fins on the outside.
  4. strap the folded mattress
  5. drag it paddle folded in the bag.

How to get up on a paddle board?

Se put it right in the center of the board, neither too far forward nor too far back. Before get up, put the paddle perpendicular to the board. Place both hands on it, facing you. Lift a first knee, then the second by spreading the feet well.

How to ride two on a paddle?

For paddle board to 2to start, you have to get on the board… to of them. And that’s not all since you will need to get on the board holding the paddle in one hand and have enough technique in the other hand to pull yourself up on the SUP on the water.

What is the price of a paddle pump?

Since there are different types of paddle pump, the price varies greatly, from simple to triple. So for a single action pump, it takes about 30 €. The dual action model fetches around $50 and the best performing, triple action, sells for just under $100.

What are the benefits of stand up paddleboarding?

Increasingly democratized, stand up paddle is now part of our summer landscape and it is not uncommon today to see dozens of them on our lakes and coasts. Thanks to the evolution of the inflatable paddle, more and more compact and rigid, people have been able to access innovative and inexpensive equipment.

How to inflate a pump?

Begin to inflate while remaining in line with the pump. Pay attention to his posture. Bend your legs keeping your back sheathed and use your body weight for more efficiency. Inflate to the indicated pressure.