How to install a PVC ceiling?

How to install a PVC ceiling?

How to install a PVC ceiling?

If the ceiling presents a flat and regular surface, it is possible to lay the paneling PVC directly on the support. Screw fixing is by far the strongest, rather than stapling or gluing. Mechanical fixing is to be preferred to avoid the work of the blades and especially the smell of the glue.

How to install a PVC ceiling in a bathroom?

The laid nailed or clipped is the most common. It is also suitable for ceilings not planes. You will then have to to pose first wooden joists on your support to be covered. Space them a maximum of 30 cm and place them perpendicular to the direction of your paneling boards.

Which PVC paneling for the bathroom?

the PVC panelingthe best choice to the bathroom As the PVC paneling is rot-proof and water-repellent, it is perfect to them halls of water. Adapting as much to an Italian shower as to a bathtub, molds settle there with difficulty, because it is not afraid of splashing water.

How much does a pvc ceiling cost?

Price per m² for PVC ceiling installation. The installation of PVC paneling varies between 4 and 25 euros per m² if it is carried out by you. For installation by a professional, it all depends on the installation method chosen. Count between 10 and 25 euros / m² for installation of your PVC ceiling by a pro.

What is the price of an enpvc ceiling?

It is possible to find PVC ceiling panels at 1 €/m² on sale. PVC paneling, tiles and slats can be bought for around €3/m². For a PVC stretch ceiling, it takes more than €20/m² excluding installation, accessories (hooks) and installation accessories.

What are the advantages of an enpvc false ceiling?

The thickness is always 10 millimeters, and the paneling comes in different widths, more precisely in 19, 25, or 38 centimeters. Aesthetics: Initially, if the PVC false ceiling is currently so successful, it is because it is able to bring a very beautiful aesthetic to the room in which it is installed.

What are the different types of ceiling?

The PVC paneled ceiling: it has a high resistance to humidity and it is easily integrated into many interiors. The PVC strip ceiling: it is easy to install and is suitable for all rooms in the house. It is very resistant and does not deform. Its white color is perfect for bringing brightness to the room.