How to insulate a prefabricated house?

How to insulate a prefabricated house?

How to insulate a prefabricated house?

Rockwool or wood wool are too heavy insulators for laying on a prefab house. White and gray expanded polystyrene is the most recommended insulation. With sufficient thickness and a good installation method, this insulation will be perfect for obtaining energy performance.

How to transform a Phoenix house?

The floor extension or floor extension Called a lateral, horizontal or contiguous extension, it allows you to enlarge the living area on one side of the house. home by creating or enlarging an existing opening to communicate the spaces. Advantage: add floor space.

How to extend a Phoenix house?

The most affordable solution is the development of the attic or the garage. Count between €9 per m2. More expensive, the creation of an extension on the ground with fittings is between €2,200 and €3,500 per m2. Finally, for an elevation, with fittings, count between €25 per m2.

What is the price of a Phoenix house?

from 137.700 € Model of house PHENIX houses from €137,700*Price €137,700* including tax for the construction of a home single storey of the brand Phoenix houses, Renouveau line, with a living area of ​​108 m² including 4 bedrooms. Rates in effect on May 1, 2022.

What is the price per square meter of a Phoenix house?

Depending on the location of the homeits size, its type of architecture, its level of service and its region, the price may vary from €1,000/m2 for one home on one level called “basic” at €2,000/m2 for one home contemporary floor with great benefits.

How to extend a house in height?

Modify the slope of the roof when it is less than 30°. This solution saves height under the roof ; Raise the roof (to gain a few tens of centimeters in height under the roof) ; Choose the roof elevation (to create a new floor).