How to integrate BCG?

How to integrate BCG?

How to integrate BCG?

To pass this test, no secret: you have to train to perform these tests in a limited time but also find out from the firms about the type of test, the form and the duration. For example, the Potential Test of BCG requires special training.

Why choose BCG?

The consultants of BCG are creative, innovative and in the higher grades, are leaders in their industry. BCG attaches as much importance to teamwork as to individual contribution in projects, and anticipates business and economic trends in general.

What are the ranks at McKinsey?

Career progression

  • Consultant career progression at McKinsey is fast and structured around a succession of learning steps. …
  • Consultant. …
  • Project Manager. …
  • Project manager. …
  • Associate Director and Senior Associate Director. …
  • Weeks.

When to apply for BCG?

BCG recruits new consultants and interns throughout the year. Interviews usually take place from September to July. For to applyall you have to do is submit your application on the dedicated portal.

What motivates you to work in strategy consulting?

1) The strategy consulting exposes you to a wide variety of business problems across multiple industries. 2) The strategy consulting offers the possibility of to work for the CEO of a global company. 3) The strategy consulting emphasizes intellectual curiosity rather than expertise.

How to get into a consulting firm?

To recruit them, cabinets will turn to specialized and recognized schools (the ENSAI for data scientists in particular). If the need for expertise is not provided by academic training, they will recruit these profiles in specialized companies, after a few years of experience.

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What are the qualities of a strategy consultant?

The qualities : One strategy consultant must have a very fast analytical capacity, be orderly, rigorous, and reactive. He must be comfortable speaking and able to propose relevant solutions in a clear, precise and concise manner.