How to interpret an observation grid?

How to interpret an observation grid?

How to interpret an observation grid?

A observation grid paper format should not contain more than 15 indicators. It should fit on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet (one side only). A observation grid allows to’observe between 2 and 5 participants (5 to 10 if it is a gate consignment).

How to develop an observation methodology?

develop an observation methodology: describe observable and measurable behaviors; use relevant observation techniques for verbal and non-verbal behavior;

Why pre-test an observation grid?

Pre-testing the observation grid also makes it possible to ensure the usefulness of the coding system (representation of the reality of the environment, clear and fairly exhaustive coding).

How are the methods of observation distributed in the human sciences?

3 Methods of observation are distributed along all the axes of observation in the human sciences. Observation practices generally concern two fields and include two types of devices.

How to achieve free observation?

Similarly, it is recommended to combine free observation with a literature review to ensure the validity of the tool. In order to obtain a good reliability, it is recommended to give an in-depth training to the observers and to measure frequently, and randomly, the inter-judges and intra-judges agreements.