How to learn engineering?

How to learn engineering?

How to learn engineering?

But to obtain a diploma, you must have completed at least 5 years of study (a 2-year preparatory cycle and a 3-year engineering cycle). Several paths often come up: entry into engineering school at a post-baccalaureate level, entry after a BAC+1, after a preparatory class or after a BAC+2 or more.

How does the pedagogical engineering take place?

Pedagogical engineering can be divided into 5 main stages, whatever the type of project (short or long format, face-to-face, remote, or mixed): Analyze the training request (context, issues, audience, subject, theme, etc.) ).

What are the stages of pedagogical engineering?

The main stages of educational engineering Stage 1: Analyze the training request Stage 2: Identify the training objectives and the educational objectives Stage 3: Design the educational scenario

What is Training Engineering?

It is actually a set of approaches and methods for designing actions and training systems to achieve a specific objective. Training engineering is implemented within an organization and aims to develop a learner’s skills as part of a training project.

How does training engineering work?

Training engineering is therefore part of an iterative approach by alternating analysis phases with design and evaluation phases. Also discover the other articles of the complete guide to training organizations: