How to live without VMC?

How to live without VMC?

How to live without VMC?

For those who do not wish to install a ventilation system, we simply advise you to take simple steps to easily ventilate your home. To do this, you just need to open your apartment for 5 to 10 minutes a day. Also consider your bathroom.

What are the benefits of natural ventilation?

Natural ventilation therefore saves money compared to a CMV. Natural ventilation depends on the outside temperature and the wind, so it is more effective in winter than in summer! Thanks to natural ventilation, you benefit from many advantages:

What are the modes of operation of natural ventilation?

However, you will see that this system can be improved in terms of efficiency. There are three main modes of operation for natural ventilation: Thermal draft allows hot air to be evacuated according to the principle of convection. Indeed, it rises naturally to escape at the top.

What is Natural Ventilation?

Natural ventilation uses the pressure differences caused by the wind to ensure the continuous circulation of air from one room to another. Knowing that the hot air is lighter than when it is cold, it rises and generates a permanent sweep in the building.

What are the effects of wind on ventilation?

The wind can actually compromise the renewal of air depending on the direction in which it blows, open windows can also disrupt the proper functioning of ventilation, and this is not to mention openings that let noise and pollution through.