How to massage a surgical scar?

How to massage a surgical scar?

How to massage a surgical scar?

Place your fingers on either side of the scar to gently lift the epidermis. The goal: to try to peel off the skin from the tissues and muscles. Exercise a palpate-roll on the scar by pinching the skin and rolling it between the fingers. Massage then the area with a moisturizing and soothing cream.

Which product to massage a scar?

If you really want to add a productyou can take “a PH neutral moisturizer, a natural oil or something based on of silicone or hyaluronic acid,” he advises.

How to heal a scar?

To heal a scar, you need to know that moisturizing the scar is essential. You will need to moisturize the scar well by making intensive use of creams, oils, gels… Also bandage the area to help the products penetrate the skin. Carefully massage the area around the scar.

How to improve wound healing?

On the face or on a visible area of ​​the body, following a cut, an aesthetic procedure or post-surgery stitches, an ugly scar is always annoying. Advice from a specialist to improve healing. 1. We act without delay

How to get rid of a scar?

For this treatment, your doctor or dermatologist will inject a gel-like substance, usually fat or hyaluronic acid, into the tissues under the scar to fill them in. Talk to your doctor to see if this treatment is right for you.

How long does it take to treat a scar?

Studies have shown that applying onion extract to the scar every day for at least four weeks helps soften the tissue and improve its appearance. [5] . Find an over-the-counter treatment that contains it and follow the package directions to treat your scar.