How to measure resilience?

How to measure resilience?

How to measure resilience?

Methodologically, there are two ways of apprehending and measure the phenomenon of resilience : 1) by the evolution over time of the inherent capacities of individuals, households, communities and societies in order to progress towards the resilience3; 2) by the contribution of the programs, of one or …

What is a resilience plan?

It includes in particular the plan of “Facility for the recovery and resilience which should support Member States’ recovery efforts, targeting in particular those hardest hit by the Covid-19 health crisis. It must also encourage massive investment in the ecological and digital transition.

How to achieve operational resilience?

Achieving operational resilience depends on the intelligence and clear analysis of input and output data related to the operation of processes, the manufacture of products or the delivery of services, and the action of people.

Who invented organizational resilience?

Karl E. Weick is one of the authors who inspires theories of organizational resilience, particularly through his work on sensemaking The 6C Conditions model for promoting organizational resilience (6C model or six areas of attention of Baitan):

What are the barriers to achieving organizational resilience?

Lack of knowledge and related skills to ensure resilience, insufficient leadership commitment, and the need to focus on more immediate financial matters are cited as key barriers to achieving organizational resilience.

Why is organizational resilience essential to business survival?

Every leadership team will agree that organizational resilience is critical to business survival. However, to date this has mostly been the case in the context of risk prevention and recovery.