How to measure sound insulation?

How to measure sound insulation?

How to measure sound insulation?

How to measure I’insulation airborne noise? The principle of measure is simply to generate a noise of a certain level in the first room (the emission room) and to compare it by a measure simultaneously in the second room (the reception room).

How to use a sound level meter?

How it worksdoes he? the sound level meter is equipped with an omnidirectional microphone that picks up sounds in real time, detects changes in air pressure levels and converts the sound into electrical signals displayed on a digital LCD screen.

How to successfully soundproof your room?

We give you some tips for successfully soundproofing your room. By definition, soundproofing or acoustic insulation consists of making a room quieter by preventing interior noise from coming out and by forming a barrier against external noise which, without a doubt, can sometimes be annoying.

How to improve the soundproofing of the walls?

The first consists of arming the walls against sound by installing, for example, drywall made of gypsum panels or acoustic plasterboard. As for the ceiling, you can improve its soundproofing by inserting insulation between the joists at floor level.

What are the benefits of soundproofing?

“At 50 STC, it’s twice as good as in old duplexes and triplexes, but you can still hear your neighbor snoring terribly and his alarm clock ringing on the edge of the wall” – Jean Laporte, acoustician, Acoustikalab L oundproofing is a real taboo in real estate.

How to ensure soundproofing?

To ensure soundproofing, specific foams are ideal, because they have a very large interior surface (increase in surface thanks to pores).