How to measure the depth of a source?

How to measure the depth of a source?

How to measure the depth of a source?

The depth is measured from the edge of the well west to the point of jump or repulsion which occurs above the deflecting wire of the magnet attached to the edge of the well. The place where we found the radiation corresponds to the distance between the opening of the well and the water.

How to successfully finish a well?

Finish your well Backfill all around the last culvert placed and allow the well to fill. Place a concrete cover over the well, for safety and to prevent the water in the well from being contaminated.

How to test water from a well?

Test the water quality. Draw some water from the well to make sure it works well. Before drinking or using your well water, you should have it tested to be sure it does not contain bacteria or other contaminants.

How to raise water from a well?

This is the most important part of the well: it attaches to the bottom of a long PVC pipe and it brings the water up by filtering out debris and sand. The well screen has hundreds of small slits that filter out debris, helping to keep the water clean. Mark the grid pattern.

What are infiltration wells?

Those of today are much more elaborate. We then speak of “infiltration wells”. They consist of: A large concrete or perforated plastic cylinder, 1m in diameter and 1.80m long, which is placed in a hole 2m in diameter and 2m deep.