How to measure the impact of a communication strategy?

How to measure the impact of a communication strategy?

How to measure the impact of a communication strategy?

When launching a campaign communication on social media or other media, your agency may measure real time sound impactin particular through 4 KPIs: the number of messages, the number of times the hashtag has been used, the potential reach, the share of voice of positive mentions.

How to measure the impact of internal communication?

Conduct employee surveys Alternatively, or in addition, employee surveys can be used to measure employee awareness, interest, and commitment. Surveys remain the tool for measure of the internal communication most widely used.

How to measure the impact of digital communication?

The 7 key indicators in Digital :

  1. Traffic, total number of visits, unique visits.
  2. The sources of your traffic.
  3. The number of page views.
  4. The time spent on a site.
  5. The time spent on a page.
  6. The number of downloads.


How to calculate the capacity percentage of a company?

The measure of a company’s capacity percentage is called a capacity utilization rate. The capacity utilization rate is calculated by dividing actual production by potential production.

How to calculate the hourly capacity of a machine?

The hourly capacity of the machine = Total number of hours of use of the machines x number of machines. Machine hour capacity = 100 * hours. Production capacity of a single product = total hours / time needed to produce 1 unit of product.

How does a machine run at full capacity?

The machine initially works at full capacity, but as time passes and the work increases, the capacity decreases. To avoid this, the machines must be periodically maintained, and in case of disappearance, they must be replaced. The production capacity is quite simple for a single product.

How to calculate production capacity?

The capacity is calculated over several days, weeks or months. The measurement is made so that we can adjust our production capacity according to market demand.