How to measure the intensity of the wind?

How to measure the intensity of the wind?

How to measure the intensity of the wind?

We use for measure the direction of wind a wind vane and for the speed an anemometer. The weather vane is a plate of variable shape, mobile around a vertical axis and placed at the top of a roof or a mast.

What device measures wind speed?

anemometers The name anemometers is given to devices which allow to measure, at a determined fixed point, the path traveled by the moving air masses, as a function of time. The wind speed is expressed in meters/second or kilometers/hour.

What is the area measuring device?

The lightweight mechanical odometer.

How to calculate wind speed?

with V as the wind speed expressed in meters per second. The coefficient 0.613 is the result of a calculation based on typical values ​​of air density and gravitational acceleration. Engineers use a more precise formula in order to take into account a factor such as the environment and the type of construction.

How to calculate wind pressure?

It is determined by the equation P = 0.613 x V2 where V is the wind speed in m/s. Wind pressure is expressed in Newtons per square meter. If for example if the wind speed is 30 m/s, its pressure will be 0.6 = 550 N/m 2.

How to calculate the force of the wind?

The generic formula for calculating the wind force is F = S x P x Cx, with F being the wind force, S being the projected area of ​​the object, P being the wind pressure, and Cx being the drag coefficient.

What is the direction of the wind?

Uprooted trees. Serious damage to buildings. Widespread havoc. Considerable destruction. The direction of the wind is always given by the direction of origin. For example, we speak of a north wind when the wind blows from north to south.