How to move to Singapore?

How to move to Singapore?

How to move to Singapore?

Remember to take the necessary steps before your departure, no contract can begin without the possession of a valid visa on site!

  1. Finding accommodation in Singapore. …
  2. Get a driver’s license at Singapore. …
  3. Make sure that his children will be well educated. …
  4. Before settling in Singaporethink about getting vaccinated.

What are the advantages of living in Singapore?

Singapore is a great country with great people and the benefits of living there are certainly not lacking – not the least of which is low income tax. In Singapore, on a salary of 100,000 dollars, you will earn 94,500, compared to only 75,000 in New Zealand.

How much does it cost to live in Singapore as a student?

Living in Singapore as a student You should know that all schools in Singapore are paying, it takes between 4000 euros and 18,000 euros. As I said above the cost of living is high, so you have to plan a small budget before you want to live in Singapore.

Last minute things to do in Singapore?

All the French people in Singapore apparently spend all their weekends outside the city-state drinking mojitos by the beach between a diving session and a massage. The reality: last minute weekends in Bali are cool but given the hole in your budget, next time it is better to buy the tickets in advance.

What is the difference between taxes and duties in Singapore?

The promise: There are no or few taxes in Singapore, VAT is at 7% and income tax is ridiculous (not even talking about corporate taxes or payroll taxes) . The reality: yes the taxes are much lower than in France but there are also taxes that are only paid by foreigners.