How to plant perennial geraniums?

How to plant perennial geraniums?

How to plant perennial geraniums?

The planting preferably takes place in autumn or spring mixed with potting soil geranium. Prepare the ground by removing the largest stones. the perennial geranium tolerates any type of soil but the richer it is, the more generous the flowering will be. Respect a spacing of 30/40 cm between each foot.

What fruit tree along a wall?

The fruit trees Pear trees, vines, kiwis (actinidia) or apple trees will produce much better trellised in palmette the along a wall facing south. In the south of the country, you can consider planting citrus fruits.

When to plant geraniums in the ground?

Plant them in the spring when the risk of frost is ruled out. A planting summer is possible when watering is regular for the first few weeks.

When to plant perennial geraniums?

geraniums perennials are delivered to you in buckets, for a planting from September to May, excluding periods of severe frost.

How to make a flower bed along a wall?

the along a wall house due south, the heat and the drought are strong in summer: it is necessary to choose resistant plants: sage with small leaves for example, Rudbeckies, Cosmos, Coreopsis, Kniphofias, Dahlias, santolins, grasses, fennel, lavender…

How to successfully plant shrubs?

Eliminate all traces of roots and weeds by thoroughly digging the site. 2. Clean and trim the aerial parts. 3. Arrange the plants in the planned locations and proceed with planting. (See planting container shrubs).

What are perennials?

Perennials are easygoing plants that come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. As soon as spring arrives, they bloom in your garden and are usually herbaceous with thick leaves. How to recognize a perennial plant?

What are the different types of perennials?

In general, perennials such as bellflowers are hardy and adapt to most terrains. Less tall varieties can be planted in tubs, pots or planters. These perennial flowers will brighten up your balconies and terraces. The exhibitions of perennials are indicated by species in your perennials section.

How long can perennials bloom?

These perennials can bloom in the first year, but the expected effect results after 2-3 years of cultivation. Let them develop well.