How to prepare for entry into IFSI?

How to prepare for entry into IFSI?

How to prepare for entry into IFSI?

You are about to join a nursing training institute, the most requested training on Parcoursup in 2021, at the start of the next school year. For you prepareemphasize biology and don’t neglect math.

How to get a place in IFSI?

To integrate a IFSIthere are 3 access routes:

  1. Parcoursup,
  2. The competition Male nurse for professionals in retraining,
  3. The competition Male nurse military.

How to become a nurse without having the baccalaureate?

Not the baccalaureate. No experience in the medico-social branch. The IFSI entrance examination is also open to candidates who can prove professional experience – whatever it may be – of at least 5 years.

Who are the future nurses?

In 2017, almost 31,000 of them joined a nursing training institute (Ifsi). These students, caregivers of tomorrow, face a sometimes difficult path before achieving the job of their choice. ActuSoins gives the floor to these future nurses. Articles published in n°28 of ActuSoins Magazine (March 2018).

How to join the Nursing Training Institute?

holders of a baccalaureate (all series) – be careful, you can only join the nursing training institute if you obtain the bac) or the equivalence of this diploma;

What is the duration of nursing studies?

Progress of nursing studies: three dense years where the organization of the student is essential as much as his adaptation to the course/internship rhythm.

Why is the nursing competition disappearing in 2019?

In fact, the nursing competition disappears in 2019 in favor of registration for nursing training via ParcourSup (for new baccalaureate holders, university students, people with a baccalaureate in reorientation). Caregivers and childcare auxiliaries maintain an access route…