How to present your personal identity?

How to present your personal identity?

How to present your personal identity?

Purpose. Each person has a identify legal, i.e. a surname, first name(s), nationality, date and place of birth. I’identify Legal defines and represents us under the law.

What is the difference between identity and belonging?

Identity and belonging. Identity is at the interface between the social space and the space of the self. In social space, certain invariances define primary affiliations, while secondary affiliations introduce the possibility of change. This presupposes a certain flexibility between the two types of membership,…

How to identify an individual or a social group to which they belong?

Identification with an individual or with a social group to which they belong does not presuppose recourse to the concept of identity of the protagonists to account for it: it can occur independently of the similarity of their respective identities.

Who invented identity?

9 But it was Erik Erikson who originated the dissemination of the term identity based on the notion of “identity crisis”. He resolves the paradox of the unique and the multiple by never clearly defining the notion of identity (Erikson, 1950, 1968).

How do I define my sense of belonging to a group?

Indeed, my feeling of belonging to such and such a group stems from the fact that I share at least one common trait with the members of this group, a trait that will participate in defining my identity and that of each of the other members of the group. It is therefore useful to begin by proposing a few points of reference concerning the notion of identity.