How to prevent the spread of fire?

How to prevent the spread of fire?

How to prevent the spread of fire?

Do not leave utensils on the fire unattended. Clean regularly: ovens, hobs and other hoods to avoid accumulation of highly flammable greases. Have chimneys and ducts swept once a year by a professional.

How to evacuate a hotel?

1.1 The Exerciseevacuation should be practiced at least once a year in each hotel, under the direction of the person responsible for fire safety. It is suggested to organize every three years an Exercise ofevacuationsupervised by a qualified fire safety professional.

What do I need to know about fire protection?

The obligation to protect against fire is very broad insofar as it applies to all persons (other than employees and the public received) having a link with the establishment and applies not only at the time of construction, but also during the operation of the establishment.

How to protect the inhabitants against the fire in the new building?

The provisions relating to the protection of residents against fire in new buildings are included in the construction and housing code, in article R 111-13.

How does a fire break out?

The fire breaks out on your floor or below: 1 close the doors and put damp cloths downstairs; 2 report to the emergency services by going to the window; 3 Bend down and apply a damp cloth to your mouth and nose if there is smoke in the room.

What are the objectives of firefighting?

The objectives of firefighting are: to secure the burnt area. While active protection is primarily curative, aiming to rescue victims and put out a fire as soon as possible after it is detected, passive fire protection in buildings is primarily preventive.