How to pronounce GH in English?

How to pronounce GH in English?

How to pronounce GH in English?

For words ending in ” gh or “ght”, there are no precise pronunciation rules, because the language English is very irregular for these types of endings. Thus, in the word laugh, ” gh » se pronounce [f]but with caught and taught, only the final “t” is pronounced.

How do you pronounce 1980 in English?

1981: one thousand, nine hundred eighty-one (or “nineteen eighty-one”). 1980 : one thousand, nine hundred eighty (or “nineteen eighty”).

How to pronounce th in English?

the th is pronounced /θ/ in the middle or at the end of a word, e.g. ex. in “method” or “month”, but sometimes also at the beginning of certain words such as “three”. The sound /ð/, on the other hand, is found at the beginning of short words such as “that” and “this” or in the middle of words such as “father”.

How to pronounce oo in English?

No rule, but “oh” not is pronounced than as // (“food”), // (“good”) or, rarely, as // (“blood”). Exceptions: – “oor” is typically pronounced like “or” (“door”) but sometimes like /r/ (“moor”).

How to pronounce the word through in English?

Throughpronounce “θrou” (the “θ” being the mute sound English represented by “th”).

How do you say 80 years?

In Belgium as in France, 80 to said eighty ; while in Switzerland, if everyone understands eighty, one prefers in certain cantons the concurrent form eighty.

How do you say 2013 in English?

2013 : two thousand and thirteen.

How to pronounce the letters of the alphabet in English?


LetterPhonetic transcriptionsound
NOT[ɛn]” in “

How to pronounce vowels in English?

Letter position vowelhasI
1) before several letters consonants/æ//ɪ/
2) before the last consonant letter of the word
3) followed by several unstressed syllables
4) the following syllable contains /ɨ/

How to pronounce thought in English?

The phonetic transcription of thought in english How is written the pronunciation in English ? Through phonetic transcription, ie how to express the sounds of words. In the case of thoughtit is /θɔːt/ in English British and /θɔt/ in English American.

How to read Through?

Hi ! “Through” is pronounced “θrou” (the “θ” being the English silent sound represented by “th”).

What is the pronunciation of œ?

For words that did not change to e, common usage today prefers the digraph oe, followed by more recent dictionaries. In English, the pronunciation of œ or oe is usually /iː/ in stressed syllables and /ɛ/ in unstressed syllables.

How are the letters of the alphabet pronounced?

For example, the vowel “e” /i/ and the vowel “a” /eɪ/ or the diphthong: “ea” are pronounced differently each time in the words: head /ˈhɛd/, heat /hi:t/ and break /breɪk/! But one thing at a time ! Now, let’s take a look at the following table with the pronunciation of the letters of the alphabet:

What are English sounds?

The 44 English sounds fall into two categories: 24 phonemes concern the pronunciation of consonants and 20 for the pronunciation of vowels. Important: Be aware that there is no definitive list of phonemes because of accents, dialects and the evolution of the language itself.

What are the pronounced digraphs?

pronounced digraphs [ø] : oxen, eggs, knot, wish. Some French words have the letters “o” and “e” unligatured and are nevertheless sometimes written with an “œ” by mistake: Loess is derived from the German “Löss” (same meaning, word coined in the 19th century), as foehn is from German “Föhn”.