How to protect yourself from water pollution?

How to protect yourself from water pollution?

How to protect yourself from water pollution?

10 tips to fight against pollution of the’water

  1. Ban on pollutants chemical and physical.
  2. Use of clean and renewable energies.
  3. Treatment and purification of waters worn out.
  4. Prevent overexploitation of aquifers.
  5. Responsible consumption ofwater.
  6. Use of soaps and natural household products.

How is the water treated?

After pumping, thewater is treated by pre-oxidation with chlorine or ozone, clarified by decantation or filtration, then refined by filtration with activated carbon. She then receives disinfection during its passage through an ultraviolet filter or by chemical oxidation.

What is Water Protection?

List of the main measures for water protection. Prevention and control of accidents and incidents, for example, using water retention. Prevention of water pollution by avoiding the use of interfering substances or their retention at source.

How to protect against drinking water contamination?

“The first protection against drinking water contamination is to protect drinking water sources. – Judge Dennis O’Connor, Walkerton Inquiry 2002. “Source water” refers to the lakes, rivers and aquifers from which we receive the water we drink and use. All these water sources are linked in a watershed by the water cycle.

Why is water management important?

Between 19, access to better quality water was facilitated for a larger part of the population. The World Health Organization plays a very important role in water management, in particular by testing disinfectant agents and evaluating their ability to protect against infectious diseases.

Union policy has established two main legal frameworks for the protection and management of our freshwater and marine resources in a comprehensive ecosystem-based approach, the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and the – framework “strategy for the marine environment” (MSFD).