How to put on a RhinoShield cover?

How to put on a RhinoShield cover?

How to put on a RhinoShield cover?

To position it, remove the thin border at the back and clip the back to the frame.

Where is the RhinoShield factory located?

RHINOSHIELD FRANCE, simplified joint-stock company, with share capital of 1000.00 EURO, whose registered office is located at 356 AV DE L ARGONNE, 33700 MERIGNAC, registered in the Bordeaux Trade and Companies Register under the number represented by M Ching-Yu WANG acting and having the powers …

How do I remove a RhinoShield case?

3:206:02Suggested clip 40 secondsHow to REMOVE your Rhinoshield shell ( Apple/Samsung… )YouTube

How to remove a hard shell?

Use both hands to push on the bottom edges of the shell, starting from one of the two corners. Never try to remove the shell on its thinnest side (at the level of the opening for the camera, on an iPhone), because there is then a great risk that your shell breaks.

How to remove a phone case?

Put your mobile back towards you and hold it well with both hands. Gently remove the shell by the side opposite the pivot point described in the previous paragraph. For example, if you find that your phone laptop has a pivot point at the bottom, so try opening the top of the smartphone.

How do I remove an Air Pod shell?

To remove your case AirPodsyou need to press the bottom of the case where you insert your charger.

How to remove a 360 hard shell?

To do this, simply pass your fingernail, or a thin, non-sharp object such as a pick or the tip of a ballpoint pen, between the shell and the structure of your mobile.