How to read double glazing?

How to read double glazing?

How to read double glazing?

Place a match in front of the glazingif the flame is reflected 4 times, we are in the presence of a double glazing. Or more simply, the double glazing can be recognized by the presence of the spacer between the 2 sheets of glass.

Which glazing for which fire resistance?

Which glazing for which fire resistance? To resist heat, glass must have a low coefficient of expansion. Certain materials such as tempered glass, which has excellent resistance to bending following the high temperature treatment it undergoes, correspond well to these constraints.

What is the resistance class of a glazing?

These windows, all tested in specific environments and frames, in steel, wood or aluminium, meet the different resistance classes of the EN 357 standard: Class E, resistance to flames, smoke and hot gases: PYROSWISS.

What is the resistance period of a glazed fire-resistant element?

CONTRAFLAM MEGA: very large fireproof glazed solutions. Glazed elements have resistance times between minutes. The document issued by the approved test laboratory, certifying the success of the resistance test of a glazed element (specific glazing, frame and environment) is a Verbal Report (PV).

What are the different types of fire resistance of glass?

There are five types of fire resistance of glass and materials in general. They range from M0 (incombustible) to M4 (highly flammable). Monolithic glass is rated M0, while laminated glass can be rated up to M2. It is therefore a particularly fire-resistant material.