How to recognize a timber frame house?

How to recognize a timber frame house?

How to recognize a timber frame house?

The houses in construction wood frame The design of a Timber Frame House also called MOB is based on a structure entirely in drink. Indeed, the vertical uprights in drink are arranged every 40 to 60 cm and rests on the sole, that is to say on a beam in drink.

Why choose a modular home builder?

This builder of modular homes benefits from more than ten years of know-how and offers a range of guarantees for its customers. Their wooden frame houses are equipped with double insulation and thus provide very good energy performance.

What are the disadvantages of a modular home?

However, modular homes come with their share of drawbacks. Depending on the company you choose to build your home, your options may be limited when it comes to choosing materials and interior layout.

Why are modular homes of poor quality?

Modular homes have always been seen as low quality, but that is no longer the case these days. With a modern, geometric exterior finish that promotes open spaces and lets in natural light, many companies in North America are building attractive prefab homes.

Why are modular homes hard to resell?

According to popular belief, modular homes are of poor quality; this is why it is extremely difficult to resell them. Modular homes have always been associated with low-quality homes featuring outdated styling, such as stucco ceilings – every homebuyer’s nightmare!