How to separate the house in the event of a divorce?

How to separate the house in the event of a divorce?

How to separate the house in the event of a divorce?

One of the spouses buys the shares of the other and becomes the full owner of the building. Sell ​​the home and split the profit (or loss) between the two of you. One of the spouses transfers his shares free of charge to the other, who assumes the balance of the mortgage.

How does a divorce work?

the divorce by mutual consent (or divorce amicable) The principle requires that the two spouses agree not only on the very principle of the end of the civil marriage, but also on all the consequences of the divorce (division of property, alimony, compensatory allowance, custody of children, etc.).

How to find the date of divorce?

The complete copy of the birth certificate including the marginal mentions also makes it possible to know the date from divorce (if this mention was requested by the lawyer or the person concerned).

Who has the right to keep the house during the separation?

Who can stay in the home to the separation? To the separationeach spouse has the right to stay in the home family even if he is not the owner. In principle, the other spouse cannot kick him out. If one of the spouses decides to leave the homehe can go back there whenever he wants.

Where can I consult the divorce documents?

If you do not know the exact date of divorce and the name of the court

  • Consult the family booklet of the spouses.
  • If you do not have a family booklet, ask the town halls concerned for a complete copy, with marginal mentions, of the acts birth or marriage of the spouses.

How do I get a divorce certificate online?

Fill out the Cerfa form n° 11808 online A few clicks are enough to get the copy of a divorce decree online. To do this, you must complete the Cerfa form n° 11808. If you proceed by letter, add to the form a request and a stamped envelope for sending the judgment.