How to size a road?

How to size a road?

How to size a road?

the sizing pavement mechanics is carried out by considering the cumulative heavy vehicle traffic for the duration of sizing retained, represented by the Cumulative Number of Trucks (NPL) and calculated according to the equation.

How to size a pavement structure?

To allow the sizing empirical of a pavementit is therefore appropriate to express heavy traffic in number of equivalent axles (ESAL: Equivalent Standard Axle Load), supported during the service life, taking into account the type of pavement (flexible or rigid) and the type of axle (single, tandem or …

How to build a road?

What are the steps of construction of a news road ?

  1. the route of the road.
  2. clearing the right-of-way: tree felling, stump removal, various demolitions, etc.
  3. stripping of topsoil: removal of all plant debris, transverse slopes of 2 to 4% for the evacuation of rainwater.

What thickness for a slab?

Depending on the destination of the slab, it will be possible to provide a greater or lesser thickness. This thickness will thus make it possible to support the future load to come on the slab. Most of the time, it is possible to turn to the dosage of 350 kg/m3 and to achieve it with a concrete mix (sand + gravel).

How to calculate the volume of a slab?

The formula for a volume depends on the shape to be implemented. If your slab has a more complex geometric shape, you can perform the calculation by segmenting the slab into small rectangles. Example: the L-shaped terrace. Once the surface has been calculated, the surface is multiplied by the thickness to determine the volume in m3.

How to calculate the volume of a reinforced concrete slab?

For a reinforced concrete slab, calculate 15 cm of concrete pouring. Then multiply 24 × 0.15 and you will obtain the overall volume of concrete to be poured: i.e. 3.6 m 3. Please note that this calculation only takes into account the concrete to be poured and not the total depth of the slab.

How to calculate the amount of concrete in a slab?

To calculate the amount of concrete in your slab, you need to estimate its volume. The formula for volume is: volume = length x width x thickness. With: Volume of concrete: it is expressed in m3. Length: length of the slab in meters.