How to size an air extractor?

How to size an air extractor?

How to size an air extractor?

To choose a ventilation device, you must know the volume of your room and the renewal rate ofair necessary. To calculate the ventilation flow rate, the following formula is used: “Device flow rate (in m³/h)” = “volume of the room” multiplied by the “number of renewals/hour”.

How to calculate the volume of air contained in a room?

For calculate volume of a room, you need to multiply its floor area (length x width) by its height. The number you will get is the volume of the room.

How to calculate the ventilation coefficient?

The coefficient for residential spaces is 1-2, and for administrative facilities, 2-3. When calculating local and general ventilation, the approach is also used in terms of multiplicity and number of people, after which the highest value is selected.

How to calculate the natural ventilation inside a house or a private apartment?

The correct calculation of natural ventilation inside a private house or apartment takes into account the fact that air circulation must be provided by the temperature difference. It is accepted to divide natural ventilation into channel and channel types.

How to choose the right ventilation system?

We remember the ventilation especially when it works too badly. To eliminate the occurrence of such a problem, it is necessary to design such communications with great care. Therefore, knowledge of the basic principles and moments of the calculation of the ventilation system is important.

What is the value of building ventilation?

Sanitary requirements of regulatory documents In public and administrative buildings, the regulations state that ventilation should be designed according to the average number of people in them. If we are talking about a continuously present person, the recommended value is about 60 Cubic meters.