How to sow zinnia seeds?

How to sow zinnia seeds?

How to sow zinnia seeds?

Succeed the sowing of zinnia : technique and advice

  1. Bring a recovery tray, cardboard at the bottom.
  2. Fill it with special soil sowing.
  3. Tamp lightly.
  4. Sow the seeds with your fingers all over the tray.
  5. Flatten with a board.
  6. Sift soil over the top.
  7. Water.

How far between zinnias?

For sowing in the ground, the operation is carried out in March, to be able to transplant them after the last frosts, either in May or June. A spacing of 20 to 25 cm is to be respected for the varieties of Zinnia short. For larger ones, this spacing can go up to 40 cm.

When to plant zinnia seeds?

When to sow the zinnia ? Under cover, from March. In the ground, in May.

How deep to plant seeds?

Before of make a decision about the depth of sowing, it is necessary of know the depth of the cool zone. In optimal condition of cool, sow at 2 cm. In dry soil on 3-4 cm, sow deeper, up to 4 cm, to position the seed on the cool zone.

How to sow seeds in the ground?

Prefer it sowing in rows that you will execute by depositing the seeds in small furrows (rays), of a depth proportionate to the size of the seeds. The spacing varies according to the size that the plants will reach (i.e. 5 to 7cm for obtaining seedlings for transplanting).

How to plant flower seeds in the ground?

You have to make a hole (with a pencil for example), about three times the size of the seed. It is advisable to plant three seeds and not just one to be sure of germination. It is a way of insuring your plantation. Then, plug the hole by hand, and tamp the Earth.

Is the zinnia a perennial plant?

The zinnias belong to the Asteraceae family. They include about twenty species, mostly from Mexico, the others from North and South America. They grow spontaneously in dry grasslands. There are annuals, perennialsas well as subshrubs.

Where to plant zinnias?

Planting from zinnia : The zinnia likes full sun and the warmest spot in the garden. Mix garden soil with special flower plant soil mix. Space each zinnia from 20 to 40 cm depending on the variety.

When to pinch zinnias?

To promote branching and flowering, pinch the main stem as soon as the first bud is formed. the zinnia is rather greedy in water and requires regular watering especially in case of strong heat.

When to put flower seeds in the ground?

The answer is simple: sow to prepare for sunny days! To take advantage of a flowery summer, sowing must begin between January and March, under cover if the climate requires it…

How to cut zinnia flowers?

Pinch and prune the stems of flowers If you want the plant to look bushier and have more flowers, you can just pinch off a few stems and throw them away. This technique is called pinching. The more you pinch, the more the zinnia will regrow and regenerate.

How to harvest Zinnia seeds?

Sowing is done from the month of March under shelter at a temperature of 15° minimum. Sowing can be done directly in the ground from May. The planting is done from the month of May, respecting a space of 20 to 30 cm between each plant. You can also collect zinnia seeds from the flowers…

What are the benefits of Zinnia?

The zinnia is a precious plant to illuminate the beds with its bright colors. For pots or borders, prefer dwarf species which are always very generous and full of charm. Large zinnias make long-lasting, vibrant bouquets.

How to make soil seeds?

Add well-rotted compost. Level the ground and flatten it using a rake. Broadcast sow and rake lightly to cover the seeds with soil. Water in very fine rain, going over each area to moisten the soil thoroughly.