How to study in Belgium for foreigners?

How to study in Belgium for foreigners?

How to study in Belgium for foreigners?

To study in Belgiumit is generally necessary to start by obtaining an equivalence of your diplomas obtained outside the Belgiumunless you graduated from a school offering a program Belgian. Then you must apply for admission to a university Belgian.

How to enroll in a university in Belgium?

The common point between all the procedures is that the students belgians and foreigners must send their applications forregistrations in (bachelor, master and doctorate) to universities (public and private) directly via: Email the university Belgian. University platform Belgian. The university website Belgian.

What budget to study in Belgium?

In the Dutch-speaking region, the costs of schooling to full-time degree programs cost approximately EUR 940 per year to European students. For non-European nationals, university fees in Belgium vary of 9 EUR depending on the program.

How to join UCL?

UCL is divided into eleven faculties: It offers a total of more than 400 diplomas, all disciplines combined. In the bachelor’s degree, a search engine on the university’s website allows you to find all the courses offered. In Masters, UCL offers Taught Degrees as well as Research Degrees. How to join UCL?

How to enroll at UCL?

You must register directly on the UCL portal. You can in principle submit as many applications for as many programs as you wish. Your registration file must include: Letters of recommendation written by academic or professional referents;

What are UCL’s global challenges?

Finally, UCL’s approach is very concrete: it is based on the resolution of global problems and challenges. The university thus has six “Grand Challenges” and tries to implement solutions in these six areas such as health, sustainable development, justice and equality, etc.

What are the advantages of international students?

Indeed, through their cultural background and their fresh or renewed outlook on their host environment, international students make a major contribution to the development of knowledge, in addition to being a source of diversity and creativity.