How to thin a forest?

How to thin a forest?

How to thin a forest?

It consists in regularly lowering the density of young trees on a forest surface, by harvesting the least promising trees to allow the most vigorous to develop. The selection, carried out by the foresters, is made according to various criteria (vigor, shape, straightness, defects, etc.).

Who invented wood?

In 5255 BC, people living in what is now the Czech Republic built a rudimentary well in drink. It is the oldest structure in drink created by man ever discovery nowadays.

How to clean up the forest?

Avoid piles of wood or branches, scatter everything on the ground. Making a garden cut of your trees is useful: it consists of eliminating diseased or poorly structured plants, thus allowing the best adapted specimens to establish themselves better. The quality of your soil is your best ally.

How to plant an oak shoot?

Choose fall for plant your Oak in a wooded area where the other trees will protect it from the weather. The soil should be rich and well drained. Even if the Oak trees love the sun, avoid full sun. This would have negative effects during the young years of the tree.

When was the wood discovered?

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