How to treat poisoning?

How to treat poisoning?

How to treat poisoning?

anti-emetics to calm vomitingpoisoning ; Smecta (digestive dressing) is recommended in the treatment diarrhea of ​​thepoisoning eating ; an antispasmodic (Spasfon type) against stomach cramps; oral rehydration kit containing mineral salts to rehydrate.

How to recover from food poisoning?

Most cases offood poisoning are benign and heal spontaneously within 48 hours. The treatment then consists of to rest, adapt your diet and stay well hydrated to limit the loss of water and mineral salts.

How do you know if you have food poisoning?

examples of symptoms caused by food poisoning :

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • fever;
  • stomach cramps;
  • colic.


What are the causes of food poisoning?

What are the causes of the food poisoning?

  • Food raw or undercooked (poultry, meat and eggs)
  • Raw fruits and vegetables (not washed or washed with contaminated water)
  • Unpasteurized dairy products. …
  • Unpasteurized apple juice or cider
  • Food left unrefrigerated for a long time.

How to treat opioid poisoning?

The treatment of the patient symptomatic of opioid poisoning aims first to ensure the maintenance of vital functions. Assessing airway patency and the patient’s ability to oxygenate and ventilate spontaneously should be the first steps in management.

What are the symptoms of drug poisoning?

Other symptoms such as breathing problems or vision problems occur more rarely. Good to know: the presence of some of these symptoms may raise the suspicion of drug poisoning and should lead to consulting a doctor.

What are the signs of poisoning?

Poisoning leads to the appearance of physical disorders, following the absorption of substances harmful to the body: by the bite of an animal or the bite of an insect. The signs of poisoning vary depending on the nature of the poisoning. Here are the signs that are usually observed in the event of intoxication: headaches in the event of inhalation.

How to get rid of poisoning?

do not give anything to drink to the victim (especially in children) and reassure him until help arrives. Note: poisoning must be distinguished from cases of asphyxia (lack of oxygen in the ambient air and poisoning after injection of venom or by criminal intent).