How to treat wood against fire?

How to treat wood against fire?

How to treat wood against fire?

When there is no possibility of treat recto/verso, only one solution is possible: the application of an intumescent varnish or paint (fire retardant) which in most cases will give a Euroclass B or an M1 classification to the system.

What wood is heat resistant?

Aspen: a drink who resist to perspiration and variations in heat. It comes in different color shades. From abachi: a drink which comes from Africa. It is rarer but resist well at high temperatures.

What are the dangers of wood fire?

Wood fire, good or bad idea for your health? Smoke from burning wood contains many gases, pollutants, and fine particles.

How to improve the fire behavior of wood and wood-based materials?

Furthermore, the fire behavior of wood and wood-based materials can be considerably improved thanks to: surface fireproofing products: varnish or paint forming a waterproof film; insulating foam acting by screen effect or by intumescence,

Why favor the wood fire as heating?

This idea of ​​warmth, comfort and softness leads many people to favor a wood fire as the main heating source for their home. But is it a good idea for our health?

How to improve the fire resistance of a wooden structure?

The required fire resistance of wooden structures can be achieved by increasing the size of the structure, adding a protective coating, using non-combustible insulation material and improving the fire resistance of the wooden structure by fireproof treatment.