How to use Pantone colors?

How to use Pantone colors?

How to use Pantone colors?

Click on + option at the top right of your window and select “new color”. The “new” tab color” will then open. In “mode” choose the PANTONE that you wish usefor instance : Pantone + solid coated, Pantone + color bridge coated… Refer to your physical color chart.

Why use Pantone colors?

Colors Pantone are particularly useful when you want to reproduce a precise color on different media, such as a logo. This color precision makes it possible to produce perfect flat areas.

How to find the Pantone code of a color in Illustrator?

The libraries of PANTONE colors are located in the Catalogs subfolder of colors (Swatch Library > Swatch Catalogs colors > PANTONE…).

Which Pantone for screen printing?

For To do this, our team mixes the range Pantone’s base with Solid Uncoated to achieve a suitable matte ink to the screen printing textile. The colors can have different tones whether they are Coated or Uncoated, this is the case for Pantone yellow and orange.

What is the Pantone System?

The Pantone system is a collection of colors identified by a code. It was first published in 1963 with the aim of creating a “universal language of color that enables brands and manufacturers to make critical decisions at every stage of the workflow”.[2]

What is the Pantone color chart?

Today, the Pantone, also called PMS in English (Pantone Matching System), is a color chart used internationally in the field of printing and graphic design. Pantone (or Pantonier) color charts are very similar to the color palettes used to select paint in the field of…

What are the color mixtures used in the Pantone color chart?

These color blends have a unique code (or name) to differentiate them from each other. There are more than 1,600 colors coded in the Pantone color chart and these codes are practical since they do not change over time. The 14 basic colors used for the Pantone color chart are as follows:

What are the different types of Pantone colors?

There are 3 kinds of Pantone color ranges: Pantone C (“Coated” in English), Pantone U (“Uncoated” in English) and Pantone M (“Matted” in English).