How to use the o?

How to use the o?

How to use the o?

Oh (with a circumflex accent; is never immediately followed by an exclamation point) is used to challenge, to invoke a being or a thing, or to underline, in a literary and emphatic register, the expression of a feeling intense (admiration, joy, pain, etc.): “ Oh rage ! oh despair !

How is written What is it?

To be correct note the wise, we will add what thewe call a “you» euphonic, in order to allow the connection between the two vowels: «a» and «i». The exact formula is: “Ya-youhe“.

How to put the o with hat?

To write Â, Ê, Î, OhÛ, just type “^” then Shift – the letter you want to accent. The same goes for Ä, Ë, Ï, ÖÜ, but in typing “¨”.

How to distinguish between SE and CE?

This or to ?

  1. It is either the contraction of that or a demonstrative adjective DEMONSTRATIVE ADJECTIVES. this painting. That would be great.
  2. Se is a reflexive pronoun REFLECTED PRONOUNS. She to shower. They to kiss.
  3. Combined. In front of all words except verbs, it is this: what you are doing. tonight.

Who’s spelling it?

According to the rules ofspelling French, he must write “a-youhe with dashes.