How to use the original liquin?

How to use the original liquin?

How to use the original liquin?

You can use the original liquin for glazing techniques or to mix a small amount with your paint to do your base coats and not wait too long to paint the details afterwards. There is also the liquid for fine details which is going to be much more liquid.

What are the different types of products associated with oil painting?

There is a very large quantity of products associated with oil painting, such as oils of course, mediums, driers and solvents. And very often it is difficult to obtain clear and precise explanations as to their uses and their descriptions.

Why dilute your paint with gasoline?

To dilute your paint with gasoline (turpentine or white spirit) is to impoverish it. The color will lose its luster and shine due to the dispersion of the pigments. While on the contrary the medium increases its quality thanks in particular to the resin it contains.

What is the best medium for oil painting?

Liquin, name given by Winsor&Newton, also called Fluid ‘n dry (or Flow’n dry) at Sennelier, or Alkyd Medium for others. All of these gasoline thinnable oil painting mediums are similar in that they consist of alkyd resin.

Why are wall paints dilutable with gasoline?

Polyester is the result of a mixture of o-phthalic acid, drying oil acid (usually linseed oil) and glycerine. Hence the name of certain gasoline-dilutable wall paints: glycerophtalic paints. Artistic paints with alkyd resins have been used since the 1950s.