How to visit Santorini without a car?

How to visit Santorini without a car?

How to visit Santorini without a car?

Move to Santorini by taxi If you want to travel in the most comfortable way, without have to worry about driving and finding the way, taxis can be very practical, although they are obviously much more expensive than buses.

Where to catch the bus in Fira?

The main bus station is located in the central square of Fira. Don’t expect to find a “big station”, it’s just a small place where people park bus. Just in the same square, you have a poster with the schedules of the different lines of bus who go from there.

How to get from Santorini airport to Fira?

You have two means of transfer for getting from Santorini airport to Fira : taxi or bus. Taking the bus is by far the cheapest option, as a ticket go single only costs €2.20. However, the journey time is a little longer at 80 minutes, with an average waiting time of one hour.

Where to park in Fira Santorini?

It can be difficult to to park at Fira. The public parking lot is just south of Fira, about 3 minutes walk from the city center. The easiest way to find it is to search Google Maps for “Nemesis Hotel Santorini”. the parking lot found right next to it.

How much does a bus ticket cost in Santorini?

And during the winter season count between 1h00 and 1h30 approximately. In Santorini, a bus ticket will cost you between €1.60 and €3.2. The main bus station is at the central square of Fira. – It is not possible to cross the island of Santorini from one end to the other without changing buses.

What is the best means of transport in Santorini?

The best means of transport in Santorini is car rental. Santorini buses: The bus ticket costs 2.00-2.50 euros (depending on your destination) The best site to book your rental car: RentalCars UBER and Lyft do not exist in Santorini (only in Athens and this is pretty much illegal)

Why are the bus times changing in Santorini?

Indeed, the road network exists and serves the main areas of Santorini but the bus schedules constantly change according to the seasons, strikes, days of the week. This is the reason why we have chosen not to post the bus timetables here.

What should you know about the streets of Santorini?

The streets of Santorini may seem narrow, but nothing scary if you have good driving experience. It is true however that during the summer months of July, August and September you have to be a bit more careful as there are more people and cars on the island.