How to work for the French secret services?

How to work for the French secret services?

How to work for the French secret services?

The end-of-studies internship In other words, these new recruits will not have the status of “civil servant” but will sign a work. Lasting 3 years, it is renewable once, then the DGSE converts it (or not) into a permanent contract. It is also possible to integrate with an end-of-studies internship.

How to work in espionage?

It does not train for a trade. At baccalaureate level, the DGSE recruits through the category B competition for specialized administrative secretary and specialized controller. The category A attaché competition is open to people with a bac+3 level diploma.

How to behave when you are a secret agent?

Remain calm in all circumstances and behave in a natural way. Try never to tell anyone that you are a secret agent. Control your emotions. Be aware that people who are too nice to you sometimes know more about you than you think.

What are the dangers of a secret agent?

A secret agent may have to dash over barbed wire fences, hastily grab onto the landing gear of a helicopter, or throw himself into Nestlé’s sewage system. And then, you can imagine, he must also know how to run very fast.

How to work with secret agents?

Work with more than five secret agents. Your agents will be able to relay you. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. You have to control your ego and your perception of yourself as an individual. If you take a gun into public places, you can get in serious trouble with the police.

How to get rid of a secret agent?

Prepare to spend long hours waiting and listening to sizzles or the CEO of a large arms group talking about horses with his concubine. Prepare a bag to “disappear”. A good secret agent always has a bag ready with everything you need, so you can take it in case of an emergency.