How to write on the TBI?

How to write on the TBI?

How to write on the TBI?

A whiteboard can work with a special stylus or a finger….Use the styluses to to write on your whiteboard.

  1. You can then to write and draw as you would with a simple marker.
  2. To change the writing color, put the stylus back in its pen tray and pick up one of another color.

How to arrange a classroom?

It is necessary to take care of the quality of the air, the light and the temperature, without forgetting the flexibility of the space and the personalization of the class. The arrangement of a classroom in rows or columns has been used for a long time: all the pupils are turned towards the blackboard and the teacher.

Why are school classrooms built?

School classrooms were built to promote classroom supervision and draw attention to the master or teacher. Historically – and outside art classes, such as music lessons – student desks are arranged in columns or rows. In front of them, the blackboard and the teacher.

What is the difference between a stem and a stake?

The rod, made of plastic or metal, can be used as a stake, although the stake is more ecological in wood. Many straight axes, in technology, are called rods. In geography, a stem (in the masculine) is similar to the watershed line, designating the ridge line.

How to organize a classroom into several spaces?

Organizing the classroom in several spaces is a real plus for the autonomy of the pupils, the dynamism of the lessons and consequently, the concentration of the pupils. Each zone must be clearly identified. – TICE zone: computers, tablets… On the other hand, it is necessary to have a class large enough to accommodate all these spaces.