How was culture born?

How was culture born?

How was culture born?

Many factors have been put forward to explain the emergence of crops and symbolic capacities of humans: language, technique, social intelligence, imitation and learning.

Is culture accessible to everyone?

Access to the culture is acquired for a long time as a universal right. But France is marked by a great Jacobin tradition, that of a centralized State.

We can also mention that popular culture, unlike a form of culture considered more elitist, wants to be accessible to all and, even if it does not deprive itself of more or less explicit references to many other works (current in the shows and TV series, for example), remains understandable and …

Popular culture, sometimes abbreviated as “pop culture”, represents a form of culture whose main characteristic is to be produced and appreciated by the greatest number, as opposed to an elitist or avant-garde culture which would not affect that a wealthy and/or educated part of the population [1].

One of his goals is to use Popular Culture (as opposed to elitist culture) imagery in art, emphasizing the mundane or kitschy elements of any culture, most often across the world. ‘irony.

Adaptations based on traditional folklore are a source of Popular Culture.