Is it better to watch a play or read it?

Is it better to watch a play or read it?

Is it better to watch a play or read it?

In effect, read a room gives more details than its representation. Reading allows us to fully appreciate the point of view of the author, the text. Thanks to the stage directions, we know the actions of the characters, their emotions, some elements of the staging.

Can we appreciate a play only if we see it?

I – Representation n’is not necessary for enjoy and fully understand a play. ==> He is important to remember that‘a play is above all a literary work, which deserves as much as any novel or collection of poetry to be perceived as a literary text.

Why read drama?

the theater the fact through subjectivity, metaphor, parable, deformation, poetry. He scuttles the language, brings out the absurd, allows himself distortions which very often reveal us to ourselves, even if I perceive how much everything I express here can seem cliché. »

Do we read the stage directions?

The stage direction is a constraint of the theatrical genre. It is studied during the analysis of the text, it must therefore be read, without “neutrality” or “expression”, just as information, simply, in the same way that any information is bed in any type of text.

Why is theater made to be read?

Reading a play theater can help readers better perceive the poetic aspect of a verse play like Bérénice. The reader is called upon to immerse himself in the lines of writing, trying to understand the message that we wanted to convey to him behind figures of speech, expressions.

Why is representation essential to theatre?

The representation can to discover aspects that we had not grasped when reading: the decorations make it possible to imagine the era, gestures and symbolic objects can help to better understand a character.

Why the theatre?

the theater makes it possible to modulate society through the development of the individual. It makes it possible to transmit civic values. With culture, the individual more easily becomes a citizen. The purpose of theater is to convey a form of education for the development of the individual.

Why read a play?

A reader may also prefer to read a play due to his taste for reading. A piece in the form of text provides the essential, illustrates the imagination of the reader through the stage directions and replicas then to imagine the physical and moral aspect of the characters.

Why create a play?

Additionally a play is first created to be performed. This awareness thus makes it possible to materialize the elements in the piece and then illuminates the correspondence of the work. This way allows such vision and hearing to the spectators.

Why love a play?

Admiring a play alone seems capable of transmitting to us all the beauty of the theatrical work. However, this presentation can allow the transmission of certain things not felt in the reading. Additionally a play is first created to be performed.

What is theatre?

The theater option therefore makes it possible to do comedy, to learn classical or more contemporary texts, but also to study scenography, staging, sets and costumes. Enough to fully address all aspects of theatre.