Is it difficult to become a teacher?

Is it difficult to become a teacher?

Is it difficult to become a teacher?

Nothing could be simpler in fact, the National Education is terribly lacking in teachers: if you have a master’s degree, all you have to do is send a CV and a cover letter to the site of the rectorate chosen to to become teacher.

What are the obligations of teachers?

Another serious obligation for teachers is the obligation of neutrality: in their teaching, public primary and secondary school teachers are required to respect this rule which applies to all.

What to do as a civil servant and teacher?

As a civil servant and teacher, you can: Apply for a secondment to be placed in a different employment body or framework Apply for leave to exercise a professional activity for a certain period

How to become a qualified teacher abroad?

To become a qualified teacher abroad, nothing could be simpler: the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) offers hundreds of positions every month all over the world for our compatriots who are passionate about education.

What are a teacher’s rights?

A teacher may not engage in attacks or insults against the Ministry of National Education, or against his colleagues in public or in the press.