Is it difficult to become an astronaut?

Is it difficult to become an astronaut?

Is it difficult to become an astronaut?

If the race for space tourism has turned the environment upside down, being astronaut remains a goal difficult to achieve. The trade doesis not accessible to everyone and he there are very few places available.

What job to become an astronaut?

To become a astronaut professional, it is better to get an engineering education, of researcher or of doctor. First, the future astronauts can move towards trades of the design and of maintenance of space launchers and satellites.

What age to be an astronaut?

Be a woman or a man aged 27 to 50, a citizen of an ESA Member State. Be a graduate of at least a scientific master’s degree (physics, Earth sciences, biology, medicine, mathematics, computer science) or engineer.

Who dreams of becoming an astronaut?

Many children (and older children) dream of becoming an astronaut, the example of Thomas Pesquet is inspiring and should be followed by anyone who dreams of becoming an astronaut.

How long does it take to become an astronaut?

As a general rule, a future astronaut must be able to justify a minimum of 1,000 flight hours. International space agencies are looking for aspiring candidates with a strong academic background and skills that meet specific needs related to future…

Who are the astronauts?

Before being selected as an astronaut by the Space Agency (CNES), he was responsible for the development of one of the versions of the Mirage 2000. As a general rule, astronauts, whether French, American or Russian , are therefore preferably recruited from flight personnel (military pilots or test pilots).