Is it difficult to find a job in Switzerland?

Is it difficult to find a job in Switzerland?

Is it difficult to find a job in Switzerland?

You are foreigners, have little or no experience in thejob in Switzerland and you apply without much success. Admittedly, more than 30% of Swiss SMEs have difficulty recruiting. Of course, the unemployment rate is at the lowest. Certainly, the recruitment prospects are more than good.

How to find a job in Switzerland?

  1. To find a job in Switzerland, you have to be (very) well informed. …
  2. For have a job in Switzerlandyou need a CV at the top and adapted to the market Swiss. …
  3. Quickly understand if your profile is sought or not on the market of I’swiss job. …
  4. Get rid of the permit problem of work… if you are a national of the EU / EFTA.

Which sector recruits the most in Switzerland?

According to, here are the 10 jobs more wanted in Swiss :

  • Home helpers.
  • Nursing aides.
  • Sellers.
  • Accounting, financial and administrative executives.
  • Nurses and Midwives.
  • Computer and telecommunications engineers.
  • Study and research staff.

What is the mentality of the Swiss?

Marie Maurisse thus teaches us that the swiss mentality advocates “labour peace”. Real cement between all the cantons, this mythology systematically goes in the direction of the collective effort and good understanding.

Which sectors are recruiting in Switzerland?

83% of companies swiss struggle to recruit talent in 2021 (compared to 50% in 2019)

  • operations/logistics (28%)
  • computing/IT (21%)
  • manufacturing/production (15%)
  • Front Office / Customer Relations.
  • Administration / Office support.

What are the conditions for living in Switzerland?

Approaches to live in Switzerland For enter Swissthe citizens of the EU or of the EEA need only carry a passport or identity card and not represent of threat to public safety and order.

How to work in Switzerland?

It is important not to lie or “fix” your old positions or your language level, whether in a Swiss CV, in your cover letter or in your professional profiles on social networks if you want to work in Switzerland. .

How to find a job in Switzerland?

To have a job in Switzerland, you need a top CV adapted to the Swiss market. It is the ideal service to move forward methodically and quickly in your job search. In addition, the service allows you to be in direct contact with job professionals in Switzerland, to ask them questions as you go about your job search.

How long does it take to find a job in Switzerland?

Before finding a job in Switzerland (or in quite a few countries) your search may take up to several months: Up to 6 months, there is nothing surprising if you have not signed a work, but you still need to have some concrete leads.

Which workforce for Swiss companies?

In these professions, Swiss companies generally find it difficult to recruit and readily turn to foreign labour. This is the case, for example, of the Construction and Building trades, or that of the Hotel and Restaurant trades.