Is it OK to order from Rakuten?

Is it OK to order from Rakuten?

Is it OK to order from Rakuten?

I have order a new tablet more than 2 months ago still not delivered or refunded. It was the 1st time on this site, for years I ordered on different sites “ebay, amazon, cdiscout, aliexpress” and many others and I have never had a problem not resolved quickly. Rakuten is definitely to be avoided.

How does the Rakuten site work?

How Rakuten Works ? The slogan of Rakuten, it’s the Guaranteed Buy-Sell! By this philosophy, Rakuten guarantees both the buyer to receive the ordered product and the seller to be paid!

What is Rakuten’s commission?

Based on the grid of Rakuten committee. 21: Fees Rakuten have been increased (the commission is now 10% on the part of the price above €25).

Why PriceMinister becomes Rakuten?

PriceMinister thus arrives at an important turning point and this change of name symbolizes the need to play ambition on a global scale. We have the means to respond to our vocation. Rakuten is a springboard.

How to negotiate the price on Rakuten?

To do this, simply tick the box “I agree to receive firm offers at negotiated prices.” in the “Negotiations” section of your account. All your advertisements can then be the subject of a negotiated offer as soon as the conditions required for each of them are met.

What is the competition between Amazon and Rakuten?

Amazon or Rakuten? In the world of e-commerce, competition is fierce, various groups compete for the market, but only a few survive.

What is the difference between Rakuten and Cdiscount?

The duel does not really exist between the two brands, it must be said that the American giant has already taken a good step ahead of Rakuten, but also of other competitors such as the American company and Cdiscount. However, to know the market trend, the comparison must be made.

What is the difference between Rakuten TV and Netflix?

Another point of differentiation is the original content. When Netflix spent 13 billion dollars in 2018 for its original offer, Rakuten TV struggled to exist in the field of own content. It does have Rakuten Cinema, which co-produces films in the United Kingdom (Hurricane) or in Spain (Alegria Trsteza).

What is the price of a subscription on Rakuten TV?

Rakuten TV does not intend to change its strategy by switching to a subscription system. It takes about 4 € for a film. And that can go up to €16.99 to access Avengers Endgame extras… Jacinto Roca also plays the technology card. “We have one of the biggest 4K catalogs in Europe.