Is it possible to work in Switzerland with a residence permit?

Is it possible to work in Switzerland with a residence permit?

Is it possible to work in Switzerland with a residence permit?

As a national of a State outside the EU/EFTA, you cannot obtain an authorization to work border only if you have the right to stay sustainable in one of the neighboring countries of the Swiss and if you have had your regular residence in the neighboring border area for at least six months.

How to get a Swiss work permit without a contract?

To compile your file, you will need to bring together the following documents (these documents may vary from one canton to another):

  1. valid identity card or passport (copy or original depending on the canton)
  2. a certificate ofuse of your employer.
  3. the application formpermission stay.

How to obtain a work permit in Switzerland?

For’getyou just need to have a contract of work in Switzerland and to live on European territory. It’s up to you employer to request a permit. The cantonal authorities will then issue you a working license border, the famous permit G.

How to live in Switzerland with a French residence permit?

You cannot move to another Member State with your residence permit. You must apply for a long visa stay to settle in that other Member State. Check with the consulate or embassy of the country concerned in France.

How to work in Switzerland when you are a foreigner?

He doesis not possible to work in Switzerland freely when you’re a stranger : the labor market in Eastern Switzerland regulated, a license to swiss work (cross-border permit G or resident permit B, C or L) is therefore mandatory.

When are you considered to be a cross-border worker?

In this context, the eastern border a person who pursues his professional activity in the territory of a Member State and resides in the territory of another Member State, to which he returns in principle every day or at least once a week.

How to settle in Switzerland for a French person?

You must apply for a residence permit from your municipality of residence in Swiss before taking office. For To do this, please present the following documents: a valid identity card or passport and. a statement of commitment from the employer or a certificate of employment (p.

Which document to live in Switzerland?

Identity document (passport or identity card), Document certifying that you have announced your departure to the authorities of the country of provenance, title of stay Swiss Or other document proving the transfer of domicile (contract of work or rental lease p.

Is the Swiss visa free?

For children under 6, the Swiss visa is free. If you need to go to Switzerland for professional reasons, long-term studies, join your Swiss spouse or family reunification, you will need to apply for a long-term Swiss national visa (Swiss D visa).

What is the difference between a visa and a Swiss work permit?

The term “visa” or “work visa” is still often used incorrectly to designate the work permit: do not use it in your exchanges with the cantonal administrations. The Swiss work permit is an official document issued by the population service of your…

What is the price of a Swiss visa?

A Swiss visa costs €80 for an adult and €40 for a child between 6 and 12 years old, to be paid when submitting the visa application to the Swiss consulate. For children under 6, the Swiss visa is free.

How to work in Switzerland as a foreigner?

To work in Switzerland as a foreigner, an employment contract is not sufficient, you also need a Swiss work permit, also called a circulation permit (or a residence permit, although this term is often reserved non-working people such as non-working family members).