Is silence a means of communication?

Is silence a means of communication?

Is silence a means of communication?

Like speech, the silence has its place in the communication. It is important to learn to use it in our relationships with others. You have to learn not to feel systematically uncomfortable when a conversation is interspersed with silences.

What is the symbol of silence?

In the last metaphor of silence, it is associated with the sea which, according to Chevalier and Gheerbrant, is the symbol of the dynamics of life. In effect,

Why is the silence of the sea so important in the Vercors short story?

In the short story “The Silence of the Sea” by Vercors, silence appears as an actor as important as the three characters in the story. This is the reason why we decided to analyze the different aspects in relation to the characters in the course of the story.

What is Nevermore’s Silence?

The silence that follows “Nevermore” is a dead silence, the darkest and most tense of the whole story; it concentrates all past silences, but it is also ultimate and definitive. It marks the total break. It is a destructive silence.

What is silence?

Silence has no meaning unless it is contrasted with the monologues of the German officer. At the beginning, in fact, it is a matter of silence closed to all revelation; von Ebrennac’s verbal language is dysphoric, unsuccessful.