What are AM radios?

What are AM radios?

What are AM radios?

Amplitude Modulated (AM) Radio Stations

Freq. (KHz)L. Wave (m)Station
1621851France Inter (Allouis – France) => become a Time Signal
MEDI 1 (Nador – Morocco)1831639
European 11891587

RÚV Rás 1 / RÚV Rás 2 (Gufuskálar – Iceland)

How to pick up all the radios? There are different ways to listen to the radio

  1. : over the air. To receive the radio by an antenna, on the spot or on the move (for example, by car), you need a post ofradio
  2. . … By Internet. – The websites of radios
  3. often offer to listen to their programs live. …
  4. By ADSL. …

By satellite.


How to listen to AM radio? For interference-free reception and high quality sound, both at home and in the car, we recommend that you listen to La Première and Vivacité on DAB+. DAB is the English acronym for “Digital Audio Broadcasting”. In other words, it is the digital broadcasting of the signal radio

in the air.

What is the radio frequency M?RadioFrequency


Which radio frequency for RTL?RadioFrequency
01 – AïnRTL104.3
02-Aisne RTL2 NORTH89.1
02-Aisne RTL295.9



How do I listen to Internet radio? To listen to a radio onInternet nothing could be simpler: just go to its site, as is the case for Poptastic Radio

which has a player that allows you to listen to it without interruption, even when you consult several pages of the site, or to download the free application.

How to make an AM antenna?

  1. Necessary elements
  2. 1 resistance of 1 MΩ (106 Ω)
  3. 1 x 10nF capacitor.
  4. 2 lengths (25 to 50 cm) of sheathed electric wire (one red and one black)
  5. A 20 pF variable-tuning capacitor.
  6. 1 x 22 µF electrolytic capacitor.
  7. 1 x 33 pF capacitor.15 to 30 m of sheathed electric wire (for theantenna


Where is RTL radio located? RTL France Radio

– Television channels, 56 av Charles de Gaulle, 92200 Neuilly sur Seine – Address, Schedule.


What are satellite radio formats?

In the USA, the XM and Sirius satellite radio formats are booming and enjoying great success. DAB/DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcast) is to radio what DTT is to television.

What are the different types of radios?

What is the frequency of the radio broadcast?

In Europe, AM broadcasts are made in long waves (LW for long wavelenght), i.e. 1 kHz, medium wave (MW) 5 kHz, and short waves (SW) on 12 bands distributed from 2.3 to 26.1MHz.

What is the difference between a multiband receiver and a digital radio?

Multiband receivers can listen to short waves. Bandwidth is limited by standards to 9 kHz. This reduces the bandwidth to 4.5 kHz, which partly explains the mediocre listening quality. Digital radio is on the rise.